Jim Bagby wins Destin City Council ‘Special Election’

The City of Destin held a special election on Tuesday, where voters got to choose between Jim Bagby, John Green and Bobby Wagner for a City Council seat.

After nearly 1,400 votes, here’s the breakdown:

  • Jim Bagby – 690 votes
  • Bobby Wagner – 557 votes
  • John Green – 123 votes

➡️ How we got here: Councilman Skip Overdier resigned from the Destin City Council on April 30th, 2021, due to selling his home within the city limits of Destin.

  • The council unanimously voted to appoint Chatham Morgan, a former City Council-member, to temporarily fill the vacant seat. Morgan was sworn into office in June and will continue to serve until August 2nd.

Bagby has been a Destin resident for 22 years and served in the military for 24 years. He has previously served two terms as a member of the Destin City Council.

“The Third Term is the Charm,” said Bagby on Tuesday night. “I am honored to have been selected as Destin’s newest City Council Member by the citizens of the city I am proud to call home.”

Bagby continued…

“My vision for the city remains the same as my campaign – I strive to bring balance. We all understand the need for development and wish to keep Destin a world-class vacation destination, but this should never come at the expense of our residents. We must honor the needs of our residents by not only providing them with jobs and services, but also by maintaining the 2 mil cap on city property taxes. My goal is to balance the right to develop your property without the ability to over-develop to the detriment of us all. My vision is to build a city where our children want, and can afford, to come back to live and work.”

Bagby will begin serving on August 2nd with his term ending in November of 2022.

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