Source: Jason Monroe (Bit-Wizards)

Bit-Wizards brings Christmas Spirit to 14 local families in need, fulfills entire “wish list”

Source: Jason Monroe (Bit-Wizards)

On Friday, December 16, 2022, the team at Bit-Wizards in Fort Walton Beach donated Christmas gifts to 14 local families, including 25 kids, that reside at Fresh Start for Children and Families. 

  • Several years ago, the team at Bit-Wizards decided that in lieu of client gifts and holiday cards, the company would donate Christmas gifts to families in need.

Fresh Start’s mission is to share love and compassion through a comprehensive educational, vocational, and economic housing program to help homeless families achieve self-sufficiency. Each child at Fresh Start was encouraged to write their “Wish List.”

“These marvelous Wizards and this company are what Christmas is all about,” Donna Tashik, Executive Director at Fresh Start. “We deal with children in trauma here at Fresh Start, often leaving all their personal belongings behind and not knowing if they will get to eat or sleep in a bed each day.”

Source: Jason Monroe (Bit-Wizards)

Each year, Bit-Wizards takes the wish lists and fills them exactly as the children requested. 

  • “The joy, the hope, and the belief that things can get better; that is what this wonderful company brings to our kids,” she added. “My heart soars as they pull in each year. My only wish is that there were more Wizards in this world. THANK YOU.” 
Members of Bit-Wizards pictured with presents delivered to 14 families in Fort Walton Beach for Christmas

Every item requested (and more!) was purchased and wrapped with holiday cheer by the staff at Bit-Wizards.

“For the third year in a row, we have had the privilege and honor to purchase the entire Christmas list for the kids of Fresh Start,” said Caroline McCoy, Be the Magic Foundation Board Member. “Each year, our excitement and passion grows to give back to the community.”

McCoy recalled that the first year they donated gifts, they had five people in Santa’s Workshop wrapping. This year, they had 19 people wrapping over 250 gifts that were purchased.

  • “We know that the items on the lists are what the kids have asked for, and we are blessed to be in a place to make those dreams happen,” she added. “Our team derives happiness from what we give, not what we get.”

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