Choctaw thanks the community for showing “concern and support” as they work toward repairing stadium

On Sunday, we reported that Choctawhatchee High School’s stadium was now closed to the public due to safely concerns caused by the concrete eroding.

You can read that story in the link below:

After the story was released, hundreds shared it and showed concern for the stadium with many wanting to know what they could do to help.

On Tuesday night, the school took to their Facebook page to say thanks and give an update.

On behalf of the Choctawhatchee High School students, teachers and staff, we would like to thank our community for showing the concern as well as the support to our school as we work with the Superintendent and Structural Engineers to identify the safety concerns that currently plague Etheridge Stadium. Additionally, we are grateful for all of the folks who are working diligently to create the resolutions and timeline that will be put into place to fix our beloved school’s stadium. We are confident that we will be able to move forward with a remediation plan starting in a few short weeks that will allow the use of it this fall for football and band season. Thank you again to all of our Okaloosa County community for helping to support the Big Green Indians!