Choctaw’s Michelle Heck named Principal of the Year

On Monday night, Michelle Heck, the principal of Choctawhatchee High School, was awarded the 2022 Secondary Principle of the Year. Heck was honored because of her steadfast dedication to both her school and to her community.

According to the Okaloosa Superintendent of Schools, Marcus Chambers, Heck is a principal who cares deeply for her students and her staff.  Chambers also stated that “she is not one who is afraid to make tough decisions.”

In her speech addressing the board, Heck says “it takes a lot of hard work, but it’s the hard work of your team that you depend on, and that means the administration next to you.” 

  • Chambers continued by saying that he appreciates her commitment and added, “she is someone who gives her heart in all that she does.” 

“Even though I miss being inside of the classroom, one of the most rewarding things about being an administrator is the fact that we get to support teachers,” said Heck. “To be able to still be with kids day in and day out and then help to grow teachers who are growing our kids, is the very best part of this very hard job, and I’m grateful.”

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!