City of Fort Walton Beach launches “Keep Our Waterways Clean” mural project, looking for artists

The Cultural Arts League and Erase the Trace Okaloosa are working on an art project in Downtown Fort Walton Beach, and they are looking for local artists to get involved.

  • There are 12 storm drains marked for a “Keep our waterways clean” mural project. 
  • Artists will be chosen to pain the storm drains to help raise awareness on the importance of keeping the waterways clean.

Although not mandatory, the Cultural Arts League would like for each artist to incorporate marine animals into each mural in keeping with this message. 

Each artist chosen will be rewarded $500 and recognized throughout social media. Each mural will also be accompanied by a QR code providing information about the mural, artist, and supporting organizations. 

“The mural site will be prepped by the city and then properly sealed when it is finished,” according to Alisa Burleson, CRA Administrator for the City of Fort Walton Beach. 

Each artist is responsible for providing all materials needed to paint their mural. Murals must be completed between November 1 to December 31, 2022. 

  • Artists must submit a PDF rendering of their mural submission and chosen storm drain with the application, by August 18, 2022, to Jason Harwell at 
  • You may also contact Alisa Burleson at 850-826-2830 for any questions or clarifications needed.

Application can be found online at along with a map for each of the chosen storm drains

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