Clean Eatz employees come to the aid of their co-worker whose bike was in really bad shape

When I had the idea to start Get The Coast, video wasn’t really part of the equation like it is now. My main goal was to help share some really amazing stories of events that we taking place in our community.

This is one of those stories.

Earlier this week on Facebook, Clean Eatz (Shalimar) owner Sam Poppell posted an amazing story of how his employees came to the aid of their fellow co-worker whose bike was in really bad shape and couldn’t afford to fix it.

“I have a story to tell! It starts back 2 weeks ago when one of our Superstar Line Cooks Bobby caught me before I was going to head out on some errands. He told me that my Kitchen Manager Chef John had been talking to Chris, our new dishwasher from Jobs4U Inc., and he didn’t have a way to get to work because his bike was in really bad shape and he couldn’t afford to fix it….. 😥”

Clean Eatz employees help co-worker with new bike

“Bobby and John wanted to know if it would be okay to pass around a collection to raise money to buy Chris a new bike. They had talked to Beth from Jobs4U that due to some of Chris’s needs it would need to be a specific type. Between hearing about Chris’s financial bike troubles and how compassionate my guys were to Chris I was touched! Almost to tears, but I kept myself together and said I’d start the pot off. I told my guys to make me a list of who contributed because I wanted to know who all else on our amazing team shared the same compassion to help someone. I was blown away by what happened next! Almost Everyone GAVE!!! ❤️”

Clean Eatz employees help co-worker with new bike

“Bobby ordered the bike and him and John spent several hours putting it together! (You can tell by the pic that they were proud when they finally conquered it! 😂😂) The next day we got Chris to help us carry out some boxes to the dumpster where we had his new bike waiting! Chris loved it and of course seeing him happy knowing how much everyone cared gave me an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the compassion that our Clean Eatz team has for helping others! I decided to give everyone who donated to the cause double their money back to them in a bonus. “

I have the best staff, the best customers, and I couldn’t be more blessed to be the owner of Clean Eatz Shalimar! 

Sam Poppell – Clean Eatz Shalimar