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Cox recognizes 37 inspirational students in Okaloosa County

Cox Communications hosted the annual Cox Inspirational Student Hero Awards in Okaloosa County earlier this week. The students were chosen by a committee of leaders at their school to honor their resilience […]

Cox Communications hosted the annual Cox Inspirational Student Hero Awards in Okaloosa County earlier this week.

  • This year, 37 students were celebrated for overcoming extreme hardships in their lives, while maintaining a positive attitude. The Heroes were announced at a ceremony on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at Northwest Florida State College in Niceville.

The students were chosen by a committee of leaders at their school to honor their resilience in the face of adversity. Whether they have overcome the loss of a family member, medical issue, difficult family situation, or other hardship, they did so with optimism while continuing to encourage and inspire those around them. 

“It’s always an honor for us at Cox to applaud these students and celebrate what an inspiration they are to their peers and school staff,” said Cox Gulf Coast market vice president David Deliman.  “They’ve overcome so many hardships in their young lives and still maintain a positive attitude. They’re true heroes and deserve their time in the spotlight.”

During the event, Cox presented the students with a personalized engraved medallion and a certificate of honor. The students also received certificates of accomplishment from United States Senator Rick Scott, United States Representative Matt Gaetz, Florida State Senator Doug Broxson and Florida State Representatives Michelle Salzman, Dr. Joel Rudman and Patt Maney.

In addition, the Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners approved a proclamation at their meeting on May 7, proclaiming May 2024 as Cox Inspirational Student Hero Month in Okaloosa County.

Okaloosa County’s Cox Inspirational Student Heroes for 2024 are:

  • Aubree Bourgeois – Richbourg School
  • Brian Caceres – Choctawhatchee High School
  • Brien Carter – Davidson Middle School
  • Bryan Grice – Bob Sikes Elementary School
  • Caleb Henderson – Laurel Hill School
  • Calvin Wilks, III – Baker School
  • Daniela Montero Flores – Longwood Elementary School
  • Deshawn Simmons – Bruner Middle School
  • Dominic Loomis – Walker Elementary School
  • Elva Alfrey – Southside Primary School
  • Erick Sanchez – Elliott Point Elementary School
  • Erik Scott – Fort Walton Beach High School
  • Ethan Ibi – Crestview High School
  • Ezekiel “Zeke” Kerns – Destin Middle School
  • Isabel Johnson – Antioch Elementary School
  • Jace McDonald – Kenwood Elementary School
  • Ja’lyric McCaskill – Shoal River Middle School
  • Ja’Mariah Knox – Florosa Elementary School
  • Jameson Ledford – Edge Elementary School
  • Johann Lee Mosley – Lewis School
  • Jordan Johnson – Eglin Elementary School
  • Jorey Hamilton – Pryor Middle School
  • Judah Pierce – Okaloosa STEMM Academy
  • Kamryn Maiden – Riverside Elementary School
  • Lake Montoya – Northwood Elementary School
  • Lane Mitchell – Edwins Elementary School
  • Layne Willis – Mary Esther Elementary School
  • Levi Godwin – Wright Elementary School
  • Marcos Lee – Meigs Middle School
  • Naomi Gam – Shalimar Elementary School
  • Nathaniel Taylor – Plew Elementary School
  • Noah Leonard – Ruckel Middle School
  • Patty Raybon – Northwest Florida Ballet Academie
  • Raymond Honrada – Silver Sands School
  • Samuel “S.J.” Trube – Niceville High School
  • Sophia Ledford – Edge Elementary School
  • Taylon Lahay – Bluewater Elementary School

The Cox Inspirational Student Hero Awards program began 31 years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana. The program has expanded to other Cox markets across the southeast.  To date, Cox has recognized nearly 5,000 students from Lafayette, Louisiana, to Gainesville, Florida. 

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