Destin City Council approves $42,900 in ’employee longevity awards’ amid staff shortage

City of Destin employees will soon see a nice reward as the City Council approved a one-time longevity award program on Monday night.

The Council’s top priority for their 2022 strategic plan is for the City to “offer livable wages & benefits to attract and maintain high-caliber, qualified staff“.

  • This one-time longevity award program is part of that effort.

According to the City of Destin, employee recruitment has been difficult for several months due to a number of internal and external factors. However, the city says that the current employees have “continued to work harder than ever to cover vacancies within the organization.”

“Despite staffing shortages, staff continues to work hard to ensure the mission and goals of the City are accomplished,” wrote Nichole DeVito, Human Resources Manager. “Retaining a qualified and high caliber staff is extremely important to accomplish the mission of the City.”

The approved one-time Longevity Award is to thank employees for their hard work and dedication. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 12-35 months – $250
  • 36-47 months – $300
  • 48-59 months – $400
  • 60-71 months – $500
  • 72-83 months – $600
  • 84-95 months – $700
  • 96-107 months – $800
  • 108-119 months -$900
  • 120+ months – $1,000

The total amount in bonuses is $42,900.00 and will be funded by savings due to positions remaining unfilled.

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!