Destin’s Harbor Pump System can move almost 50,000 gallons per minute

The City of Destin took the time Thursday morning to explain a little about the Destin Harbor’s Pump System and how it is capable of moving almost 50,000 gallons per minute!

According to their post, the Destin Harbor is a functionally closed 240-acre waterbody with water-quality issues that include nitrogen and phosphorous loading. Nutrients like these, commonly found in fertilizers along with warmer water temperatures, can lead to algal blooms, fish kills, cloudy water and odor complaints if they are allowed to accumulate over time.

To combat the effects of urbanization and the water quality issues it can create, the pump system, in operation since 1992, brings low-nutrient water into the Harbor to flush out pollutants and raise the dissolved oxygen levels for fish and other aquatic life.

Members of Public Services recently rebuilt the facility’s 200 HP motor, painted and reinstalled it. It has been tested as you can see in the video below to ensure our Harbor will remain beautiful as ever during the 2019 season.

The Harbor Pump System consists of an 84-inch diameter pipe (1600 feet long) that extends into the Gulf of Mexico connecting an intake box to a 200–HP motor and pump assembly located at the City’s facility on Gulf Shore Drive. It will operate in the overnight hours from Spring until the Fall.