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Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation hosting rip current safety class in Destin this Saturday

Destin Beach Safety and the Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation have teamed up to offer a free Beach Briefing session, providing vital information on handling rip currents. Participants can experience a new rip current simulator, aiming to save lives and promote water safety.
The new rip current simulator (ECFF)

With the summer heat blazing, locals and visitors alike flock to the beaches of Destin to beat the heat and enjoy the Gulf waters. However, recent headlines have been dominated by drownings and water rescues, making it crucial for beachgoers to prioritize safety. 

  • In an effort to save lives and educate the public, the Emerald Coast Fitness Foundation (ECFF) and Destin Beach Safety have joined forces to offer a series of beach safety sessions, starting with a rip current safety briefing.

This Saturday, July 15, locals and vacationers are invited to attend a free Beach Briefing session at the Taj Renee Community Aquatic Center from 1-2 p.m. Not only will attendees receive valuable information about current beach conditions, but they will also gain crucial knowledge about handling rip currents.

What sets this Beach Briefing apart is the inclusion of an innovative rip current simulator. Thanks to a grant from Florida Power & Light, the ECFF was able to procure two portable simulators for safety presentations, with an additional two units earmarked for the Emerald Coast Science Center. 

  • These simulators offer a unique opportunity for participants to experience the intensity of being caught in a rip current without actually being at risk. 
  • By seeing and feeling firsthand what it’s like, attendees can better understand how to navigate these dangerous situations.

The session will not only be educational but also rewarding. Each participant will receive a free pass for Family Swim at the Taj, which can be used if beach conditions prevent them from safely entering the Gulf. 

The Beach Briefing session will mark the beginning of ECFF’s efforts to promote water safety in the area. According to the National Weather Service, dangerous rip currents and high surf have claimed the lives of 57 swimmers at beaches in 2023. 

  • Many of the deaths were in the Gulf of Mexico, including 15 along the Florida Panhandle, according to ECFF.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor enjoying the scenic beauty of Destin, taking part in this informative session could mean the difference between a fun-filled day at the beach and a potential water-related incident.

The Taj Renee Community Aquatic Center is located at 4345 Commons Dr W Destin, FL 32541.

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