FWBPD sends a warning to students engaging in Rivalry Week activites

Ah yesRivalry Week in Fort Walton Beach between the Viking and the Indians is already upon us.

With the game set to go down on November 1st at Etheredge Stadium, students have reportedly already began partaking in rivalry week activities…starting with egging homes.

This has prompted the Fort Walton Beach Police Department to already issue a statement:

“We are aware that this week is rivalry week for several of the local schools. We have already had several reports of houses in the City being egged. Please be advised that if property is damaged during any of these activities, you can be charged with criminal mischief or other applicable crimes. Officers will be out patrolling in force. Please be safe.”

Rivalry Week is fun, but please don’t catch any charges!

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!