Gov. DeSantis issues stay-at-home order statewide for Florida

Governor DeSantis announced Wednesday afternoon that Florida will be shut down due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The order mandates that all Floridians remain home unless they’re going out for “essential services or activities.”

The will take effect Thursday at midnight and remain in place for at least the next 30 days.

Restaurant businesses are encouraged to provide delivery, carry-out or curbside services outside of the business.

According to the Order, “essential activities” encompasses the following:

  • Attending religious services conducted in churches, synagogues and houses of worship.
  • Participating in recreational activities consistent with social distancing guidelines. This includes walking, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, running and swimming.
  • Taking care of pets
  • Caring for (or otherwise assisting) a loved one or friend

Other essential activities may be added to this list at a later time.

“The order limits the nonessential movement of citizens and requires the closure of nonessential businesses,” said County Commissioner Nathan Boyles. “Unlike the prior order issued by the Governor for some South Florida counties, this order reserves to the state the authority to determine what is considered essential. However, it does still appear to allow local governments to make further declarations as to businesses that are not essential in that local community.”

He continued.

“It is a little tricky to determine what the guidance for businesses is as the Order incorporates both a guidance document issued by homeland security and an order issued out of Miami-Dade County, together with several amendments to that Miami-Dade order. Some industries are included in both but others are only on one or the other. I understand the order to mean if your industry appears on either list then you are deemed essential.”

For guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, click here.

As of this writing, “essential services” includes:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Law enforcement and other first responders
  • Groceries, pharmacies and convenience stores
  • Restaurants serving take-out or delivery
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Gas stations
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Hardware stores
  • Mailing and shipping companies
  • Private colleges
  • Laundromats and dry cleaners
  • Pet supply stores
  • Office supply stores
  • Transportation services
  • Newspapers, radio, TV and other media companies
  • Energy companies
  • Utility companies
  • Factories or other industrial manufacturing
  • Sanitation services

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