📸 Jigsaw (Gulf Breeze Zoo)

Gulf Breeze Zoo announces unexpected death of beloved giraffe, Jigsaw

📸 Jigsaw (Gulf Breeze Zoo)

On Monday, November 21, 2022, the Gulf Breeze Zoo took to social media to announce the unexpected death of Jigsaw, the zoo’s beloved male reticulated giraffe.

  • According to the announcement, Jigsaw was found unresponsive in his night house by his keepers during their morning opening rounds.

“The Gulf Breeze Zoo family, and especially those animal care team members who are with the giraffes daily, are saddened by this tragic and unexpected loss,” said Jamie McMaster, Gulf Breeze Zoo Director.

📸 Jigsaw (Gulf Breeze Zoo)

According to McMaster, Jigsaw had been observed acting normally the previous day, interacting with the other giraffes and guests. McMaster says that the zoo’s animal keepers work closely with the animals daily to ensure the best care possible.

  • He added that the necropsy results showed that Jigsaw died of natural causes.
📸 Jigsaw (Gulf Breeze Zoo)

“Jigsaw was an important part of the giraffe herd, and the staff is taking comfort in being able to care for the calves he sired,” said McMaster.

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