Here’s who qualified for the 2023 Municipal Elections in Okaloosa County

The qualifying period for the upcoming 2023 Municipal elections ended on Friday at noon. The following offices are up for election on March 14, 2023:

  • 3 seats for Niceville City Council
  • Shalimar Mayor
  • 2 seats Shalimar Town Commissioner
  • 4 seats Fort Walton Beach City Council
  • 3 seats Laurel Hill City Council

Fort Walton Beach City Council:

  • Debra Riley 
  • Jason Harwell
  • Kirby Locklear
  • M.G. Moran 
  • Ryan Hartman
  • Nathan Kelley 
  • Brandon Bishop
  • Gareth Stearns
  • Amy Jamieson
  • Jared Bryce Jeter
  • Gloria DeBerry
  • Larry Patrick
  • Payne Walker

Niceville City Council:

  • William Schaetzle
  • Cathy Alley
  • Abner Williams

Shalimar Mayor:

  • Mark Franks

Shalimar City Council:

  • Jerry McCallister
  • Brad Gable

Laurel Hill City Council:

  • Debra Adams
  • Shawn Cogan
  • Kristine O. Gaskin
  • Jacob Locke

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