“Thank you Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and this awesome Deputy for saving my life today”

Around 4pm, Crestview resident Charles Reynolds shared his story of how an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy came to his aid after a tire on his trailer blew out. His recap is below.

“I wanted to take a second and say THANK YOU to OCSD and this AWESOME DEPUTY for saving my life today little did she know 💯. I had a blow out on my trailer on Highway 85 coming into Crestview going 65 mph with a heavy load. I didn’t have time to get over and out the way when my tire blew on my trailer. Traffic was inconsiderate as always and a few vehicles almost took me out while trying to change my tire on my trailer.”

“Another department of law patrol (not OCSD) drove right passed me but this Deputy turned around, stopped & made sure it was safe for me as I changed my tire on my trailer. “

“She actually got out of her patrol car & made sure people got over and that’s not all. To top it off she put my blown tire & jack back in my truck for me as I changed my trailer tire. PUBLIC SERVICE AT IT’S FINEST! 💯 I didn’t catch her name rushing changing my tire but I snap these pics of her & her patrol car. I definitely want to make sure she knew how Thankful I am for her pulling over and assisting me. THANK YOU AGAIN MRS. DEPUTY & AGAIN FOR ALLOWING ME TO RETURN HOME TO MY FAMILY SAFELY!”

OCSD responded to the post

It wasn’t long before the OCSD’s Facebook page saw the post and responded:

“So proud of our outstanding deputies like Deputy Clausner – not to mention the great residents who take the time to share heartwarming stories like this one.”

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department


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