Local gym waiving membership fee for January (it’s a cool gym too)

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Quick Reads

Successful Plunge: The South Walton Fire Department’s 7th Annual Polar plunge was once again a success as over 200+ participants plunged into the gulf of Mexico on New Year’s Day to celebrate the new year. Nearly $3,300 dollars was raised at the event. SWFD plans to infuse the funds back in into the community by providing free CPR courses throughout the year.

Conserve wildlife: Speaking of Walton CountyThe Walton Sun reports that two conservation easements were recently granted to an environmental group in Walton County. According to the article, the easements will give Nokuse Plantation control over more than 4,500 acres in Walton County. The agreement provides the group the opportunity to limit development in the area, while also working to enhance wildlife habitats. Click here to read more on the plan.

Surviving Winter: There is no doubt that Winter months can be the toughest for small business owners along the Panhandle. This is especially true in areas more dependent on tourism. As the Santa Rosa Press Gazette writes,

“Business clicks along in Navarre and its barrier island, Navarre Beach, until the dreaded winter months. That’s when all the tourists evaporate and the locals drive east to Fort Walton Beach, Destin or Sandestin or west to Pensacola to do their shopping.” Click here to read more.

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We’re going home: That’s what Suzanne Wilkins wrote on her Facebook page about her daughter, Ashley Richards. See, Ashley was struck by a car and left for dead on September 25 on Okaloosa Lane. The driver did not stop. According to the Crestview Bulletin, Ashley is finally going home three months after being hit. 

We’re going home!!! Happy New Year’s from our home to yours! Ashley is doing Incredible! She has come leaps and bounds from where anyone expected. She is walking on her own with little or no assistance. She has been doing amazing in therapy and is eager to impress. Cognitively she is having some problems with her memory but otherwise she is doing well. 

F-16 downs drone during cruise missile defense testing

The 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron shot down a subscale drone using an AGR-20A Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System laser-guided rocket Dec. 19, providing a proof of concept for using rockets queued from an F-16 Fighting Falcon targeting pod as viable munitions to perform cruise missile defense.

“The test was unprecedented and will shape the future of how the Air Force executes CMD,” said Col. Ryan Messer, 53rd Wing commander. “This is a prime example of how the 53rd Wing is using resources readily available to establish innovative ways that enhance combat capabilities for our combat units.”

Originally, the AGR-20A was developed as a low cost, low collateral damage air-to-ground weapon for use in Afghanistan and Iraq; adapting the system for counter-air use is momentous. The AGR-20A is a fraction of the cost of the AIM-120 missile, commonly used for cruise missile defense. Additionally, the AGR-20A can be loaded faster than an AIM-120 and an aircraft can carry two-to-three times the number weapons.

“This proof of concept can have implications for homeland defense missions, combined defense of the Arabian Gulf and beyond,” Messer said. “I am exceptionally proud of the efforts of the 85th TES and the units across the 53rd Wing that made this possible.”

The 85th TES is part of the 53rd Wing, which is the primary operational test and evaluation wing for the U.S. Air Force. 

Local gym offering free membership during January to help get the New Year started

CrossFit Epically Awesome Is kicking off the New Year with a pretty sweet deal for the community.

During the month of January, the gym is making it easy to get started on your health and fitness journey.

Starting Friday, January 3, they are offering their CrossFit Lite classes for free for the whole month. Every Wednesday and Friday at 8am! That’s 9 free classes! 

Now, full disclosure, I have gone to this gym for years. The owners are great and they have just completely remodeled the old carpet warehouse building on Eglin Parkway near Goofy Golf. (You should see it, seriously!)

Anyway, if this sounds like something you’d like to try, reach out to them on their Facebook page or just email me. I can point you to the right person!

Job Openings

We are pretty excited to be launching a brand new job board for 2020. We want to help you (or someone you know) find your next job! It’ll be slow growing as we reach out to businesses, but we expect big things for this new feature.

Beach Lifeguard (Okaloosa) – $13.62 – $18.12/hr – Details here
Sales Manager/Client Relations (Destin) – Frios Gourmet Pops – Details here

Ok, that’s all I have for you today. Hope you have a great first Friday of the New Year and I will see you next week!


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