OCSO Deputy helps stranded mom & child whose car ran out of gas on I-10

On Saturday, October 19th, Sgt. Marcus O’Sullivan saw a thank you card posted on the filing cabinet located in the deputy workroom in the Bracken Sub-station and began reading it.

The card was from a woman and her daughter, in response to an incident where her vehicle ran out of gas on I-10 on August 25th. In the card she described how she ran out of gas and she and her daughter were stranded at 10:30pm and how she wanted to thank the deputy, who she only knew as Unit 199, for assisting her that night.

That Deputy is Jason Nobles.

The woman described how she had less than $5 in her bank account until her paycheck posted the following day, and she also did not possess a gas can.

She explained her situation to Deputy Nobles and told him she would just have to wait until the next day when she had money to get gas and could pay someone to bring her back to the truck to pick it up, as it was already late in the evening.

“Without hesitation, he told us to lock up the vehicle and he would take us to get some gas.”

The woman said he brought them to a Tom Thumb gas-station and bought a gas can and gas with his own money. He then brought them back to their vehicle, put the gas in her car for her and jumped her truck, as the battery had died from running her hazard lights.

“He could have left us there, but chose not to and it meant the world to us! Thank you Unit 199.”

Sgt. O’Sullivan added:

“Deputy Nobles did not do this for accolades and if it weren’t for me stumbling across the card, would have gone unrecognized. I am sure there are other deputies that have done similar acts of kindness such as this, because that’s the type of people we have working here, but they usually go un-noticed. Fortunately, this one will not go un-noticed.”

Thanks to Deputy Nobles for such an awesome job!

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