Okaloosa Cooperative Libraries will be closed on Wednesday for software upgrades

All member libraries of the Okaloosa Cooperative will be closed on Wednesday, August 4 for countywide staff training on new library software.

Starting mid-September, customers will see changes to the libraries’ website, the online catalog and functions in their library accounts. Destin Library will also be closed on Thursday, August 5.

Okaloosa Cooperative libraries include:

  • Crestview: 850-682-4432
  • Destin: 850-837-8572
  • Fort Walton Beach: 850-833-9590
  • Mary Esther: 850-243-5731
  • Niceville: 850-279-6436 x1500
  • Valparaiso: 850-729-5406

Learn more about your public library at readokaloosa.org

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