Okaloosa submits “Short-Term Vacation Rental Safety Plan” to state for approval

Okaloosa County staff have worked since yesterday’s announcement of the possibility of reopening vacation rentals to visitors by Governor Ron DeSantis to create an acceptable plan for moving forward with rentals.

After coordinating individually with commissioners, County Administrator John Hofstad made the decision to proceed with submitting a plan to the Governor for approval today

“The plan is largely consistent with similar plans created in Walton and Santa Rosa counties and meets the guidelines provided by DBPR late yesterday,” wrote Commissioner Boyles in an email. “The plan prohibits renting to visitors from several states (including Louisiana) unless the stay length exceeds the 14-day self quarantine requirement currently in place by the Governor.”

The county will now await for approval of the plan from the state, however, the TDC will still meet on Monday to review the plan and can still suggest adjustments.

“The Commission will meet on Tuesday and presumably ratify the decision to submit the request and the plan and direct any adjustments to the plan if needed,” said Boyles. 

According to Okaloosa County, the plan still has to be voted on by the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday. There is no timeline yet how how fast the state will approve the plans submitted from any county.

Here is what the plan currently looks like:

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