Okaloosa School District cancels evening activities due to severe weather Wednesday night

On Wednesday morning, the Okaloosa School District announced that all activities scheduled to take place after 6pm today have been canceled to ensure the safety of students and staff.

  • All after-school activities, including extracurricular activities, daycare, and tutoring that occur before 6pm, will continue as scheduled.

This decision comes after School District Officials consulted with Okaloosa County Director of Public Safety Patrick Maddox while monitoring a line of severe weather that will affect Okaloosa County tonight, December 14th.

In a morning briefing on Wednesday, Maddox said that an “enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms” continues across the entire area through tonight.

“Isolated severe storms will be possible this morning across southeast Mississippi and parts of southwest Alabama,” he wrote. “A greater threat is expected to evolve this afternoon and evening as a line of thunderstorms moves across the area. Any severe storm that develops could become tornadic. A strong tornado is possible.”

Impact 1 – Severe thunderstorms

  • WHAT: Damaging winds and tornadoes (some could be strong).
  • WHEN: This morning across southeast Mississippi with a greater threat this afternoon and evening.
  • WHERE: The entire area is in an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms. 

Impact 2 – Heavy rain

  • WHAT: Locally heavy rain of 1-3 inches with isolated totals of 2-4 inches.
  • WHEN: Through tonight.
  • WHERE: The heaviest rain is expected across interior southeast Mississippi and interior southwest Alabama where the flood threat is higher. Flooding potential remains more isolated across the remainder of the area.

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