Okaloosa to create countywide ‘Attainable Workforce Housing’ strategic plan

The Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners has hired consulting firm Thomas P. Miller and Associates to undertake the creation of a Countywide Comprehensive Attainable Workforce Housing Strategic Plan. 

According to the county, Thomas P. Miller and Associates will work with County staff and the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee to perform economic research and analyses, conduct engagement sessions, and formulate recommendations designed to promote the development, preservation, and access to housing to help meet the need of Okaloosa County’s resident workforce and families. 

  • “We have a tremendous need for attainable housing in Okaloosa County.” said Okaloosa County Board Chairman Trey Goodwin. “We will continue to make it a priority to address housing needs for all of our residents, including working families, by enhancing our housing inventory and identifying additional strategies that address this issue.”

Okaloosa County is growing rapidly and the need for workforce housing is expected to escalate. The County is preparing to meet this need and to also have housing options in support of our servicemembers working on Eglin Air Force Base and accompanying installations.

“We are excited to work with the Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners and the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee to identify and address needs relating to workforce housing,” said Aaron Finley, Economic Development Senior Consultant and Project Lead for Thomas P. Miller and Associates. “This Attainable Housing Strategic Plan will seek to ensure stability for the local economy and for the working families who are critical to the long-term success of the County.” 

The County has implemented several measures to promote the availability of attainable housing. This study will seek to quantify their effectiveness and build on these efforts with a comprehensive plan of actions, strategies, and timelines that will aid Okaloosa County in reaching the goal of increasing the inventory of long-term attainable housing. 

The plan is estimated to be completed and available to the general public by the end of this year. The funding for this study is being provided through a Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund (LATCF) grant. 

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  1. Studies are good but what about now. I’ve rented for 23 from my current landlord, and born and raised in Ft.Walton. I’m on SSI for cancer,my husband works. It would be hard to move out of the area with all of my drs. between Sacred Heart in Destin and the 4 other Drs. in Penacola and the 2 hospitals.

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