Pryor Middle School’s construction program awarded by Florida Department of Education

This year, over 75 first-year students are participating in "Fundamentals of Architecture and Construction" at Pryor Middle School.

The Florida Department of Education has named Pryor Middle School as the recipient of the 2019-2020 Family and Community Involvement Award for their “Built by Pryor- Skills to Build Architecture and Construction Class.

According to Superintendent Marcus Chambers, this award recognizes secondary schools for “their exemplary, innovative and collaborative programs that bring schools, families, students and community partners together while positively impact student success.”

“The first year for our program was a perfect example of how strong community support can positively impact the success of our students,” said Instructor Greg Rynearson. 

The program received generous donations from Janson Thomas (General Manager – Lowes FWB), Larry and Nancy Kline, the Building Industry Association, and many others in the community.

“This allowed my students to construct full-scale projects with professional-grade tools and equipment,” Rynearson conutinued.

Last year, the students were building a new deck outside of the cafeteria that would be ADA compliant.

This year, over 75 first-year students are participating in “Fundamentals of Architecture and Construction”, and 40 second-year students are taking “Introduction to Carpentry”, which is a high school level class that earns them high school credit.

“I am excited and determined to grow this program into one of the best in the state and with continued support from our community and the local construction industry,” Rynearson told Get The Coast. “I know that we can fully prepare our students to meet the growing demand for a qualified workforce in the construction industry.”

Governor DeSantis previously declared that by the year 2030, Florida would number 1 in the nation in Career and Technical Education.

Student working in Pryor’s “Architecture and Construction” class

As for the Okaloosa, more schools are offering Carpentry and Construction Programs. This year, Choctawhatchee High School added a new Construction Program. According to Rynearson, his students will then be able to head straight into Choctaw’s program and continue learning the trade and gaining certifications that will help transfer to the workforce.

“Pryor is doing great work with their Career and Technical Education Programs and specifically in Carpentry which this award recognizes,” said Superintendent Chambers. “Our local building industry will benefit from our school district’s Carpentry and Construction Program.”

WATCH: New Construction Program at Pryor Middle School

New Construction Program at Pryor Middle School

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