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There is something so special about having a piece of art from a local artist. We’ve talked before about how to shop local, but we’re here to share a local artist that you can support in that journey! Here is the story behind Katrina Joy Art.

Katrina Joy Green grew up in Colorado being taught the basics of art by her father. She continued to learn and grow on her own while exploring different mediums, such as oil paint, watercolor, and graphite.

Since then, the military brought her and her husband to Florida. This last year she started working with resin and her resin art has grown and is now being sold at Beyond 214!

Why did you start making resin art?

“I’m obsessed with the color blue. I feel so inspired living next to a body of water that surrounds me in my favorite color. The soft white sands, vibrant emerald greens and dark stormy blues of the water had me mixing paint to match within a week of moving here. It wasn’t until I was trying to find a craft project for my family to do back in Colorado, that I stumbled upon resin. I was on Pinterest and fell in love with the glossy, vibrant colors of pouring resin. I bought a bunch of supplies thinking this looks easy! I was so wrong! We sure did have a blast creating our first messy pieces though. My husband, who will be the first to tell you that he is not artistically inclined, set his on fire!

When I came back to Florida, I started to fine tune working with resin and coax the medium into beautiful ocean scenes. I say coax, because resin has a mind of its own and can be completely unpredictable! But the depth and details I get from resin make it worth it. I love the lacy white waves and the richness of layers in the ocean that I can create with resin.”

What is your favorite thing about creating?

“I love taking what I see in nature or in peoples faces and making something my clients will cherish for many years to come. In portraits, I love looking into the eyes, working on the details to get their personality to shine through.

With resin, I love directing and watching the many layers form into a mini ocean as the colors intermingle. I can be a perfectionist with art, but I have learned to embrace the messy process of creativity, the failures and the throwaways, to see how hard work pays off and the joy my work brings to others.”

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know? Is there anything exciting coming in the future?

“I am passionate about making resin as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s a medium that unless used wisely, can have an unfortunate plastic footprint. With the popularity of using resin growing, I hope to spread awareness of responsible art. I plan to release a collection of ocean pieces this fall with a percentage going into scientific research to preserve coral reefs. I want to keep these beautiful oceans clean and beautiful for many generations to come!”

Along with Katrina’s beautiful resin pieces, some of her most popular pieces are custom pencil portraits of loved ones or loved pets. She also does larger oil paintings and watercolors!

If you’d like to get a piece of Katrina’s art, you can find a few pieces at Beyond 214 in Destin. She makes usable resin pieces like lazy suzans, fruit and cheese plates, and coasters! All of her other pieces can be purchased through Instagram and Facebook!

Have you ever bought a custom piece of art?

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