Boshamps offers $2,500 reward for info on golf cart suspect

Times up! $2500 CASH REWARD for information leading to the arrest of this THIEF! Golf Cart stolen from Boshamps Friday night/Saturday morning at 1:50am.


“He came from the west, through The Inn on Destin Harbor, through Marina Cafe, checking EVERY car, finally finding the golf cart at Boshamps. He went East on the sidewalk on 98 and was spotted near Marbella Condos, across from Krispy Kreme around 2:00am.”

“If anybody saw this guy out Friday night, let us know, so we can go back to that bar/restaurant and find him on video and/or information. He came from Red Door/Boathouse area. ANY and ALL information will be CONFIDENTIAL and payment will be in CASH!