Suspicious activity reported at Destin bus stop near Beach Drive

On Monday morning, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a report of “suspicious activity” near a school bus stop in Destin.

  • According to the OCSO, interpreters are working to get all the information from a young girl who doesn’t speak English.

The initial information reported is that the 11-year old was at Beach Drive near Sandalwood Drive around 8:15am this morning when she saw a white car with two “American” men inside and another four-door white car with a Hispanic male.

She says the Hispanic male got out and was trying to talk to her, making her fearful.

Deputies say no one touched the girl and they are investigating it as suspicious activity as they gather all the facts.

“As a precaution, deputies say make sure you talk to your children about safety if they feel threatened or uncomfortable,” wrote OCSO.

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!