Intersection of Main Street and Kelly Street in Destin, FL

The intersection at Main Street and Kelly Street in Destin getting solar flashing signs

Intersection of Main Street and Kelly Street in Destin, FL

Following the recent tragedy at the intersection of Main Street and Kelly Street on October 17, 2020, Destin City Council directed the City Administration to address the pedestrian/vehicle traffic concerns at this intersection.

In response to the Council direction, City Administration took initial steps to address the safety concerns at this intersection. According to city docs, staff recommends a formal study of the intersection be done before additional permanent changes to the intersection are made.

Intersection of Main Street and Kelly Street in Destin, FL

Here’s what’s happened so far:

  • New signs: Public Services has installed 3 Pedestrian Crossing ahead signs, 2 on Main Street, 1 on Kelly St.
  • Staff met with Scott Bitterman, County Engineer, for his initial appraisal of the intersection.
    • His initial recommendation is to place Pedestrian Crosswalk signs (with back to back signage) at the crosswalks. The signage has been ordered.
    • Scott’s other initial recommendation was to consider moving the crosswalk on Main Street to the north side of the intersection and to remove the crosswalk on the south side.
    • In addition, to reconfigure the middle area approaching the intersection from the north, adding a raised concrete curbing to create a respite area in the middle of the road. This will also provide a sense of constriction for both north and southbound traffic slowing vehicles.
  • New study: The Community Development Director has reached out to Dewberry Engineering firm to complete a warrant study and intersection design recommendations to make the intersection function safely and efficiently as an All-Way Stop controlled intersection. It has been requested that the study be completed within two weeks.
  • A donation has been offered by the public to potentially help pay for potential stop sign improvements. Finance is working with Public Services to potentially accommodate this monetary donation.
  • Public Works has ordered a pair of rapid rectangular flashing beacons. They are push-button activated, communicate via radio, and will strobe on both sides of the road both ways to alert traffic that a pedestrian is at the crosswalk.

According to City Manager Lance Johnson, the flashing beacons have been received by the city and will be installed by the end if the day on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Example of the solar signs going up at the intersection

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