The “Saran wrap car prank” spotted in Downtown FWB 😜

On Monday morning, the Highway 98 Country Facebook page posted these photos of a car in front of Defiance Tattoo Company on Highway 98 wrapped in Saran Wrap.

Shorty after posting the 3 images, April Dawn claimed the vehicle and offered a little more insight.

“This is what happens when y’all don’t get tattoos. You give our guys too much free time. Please come to defiance and keep them too busy to play pranks on me. Also you will probably have a good time. They’re clearly very hilarious.Yes that’s my car. I already freed her.”

April Dawn

Even more hilarious was a comment posted that read,

“Who just carries Saran Wrap with them for times like this ?”

Facebook commenter

To which April replied, “Tattoo shops”.