An Unbelievably Gorgeous Day At Crab Island [DRONE]


This past weekend along the Emerald Coast was a great one. The weather was cooler and although we has some slight rain, it was a good time to get outside and enjoy the area we call home.

There was a ton of chatter on Facebook from locals at the beach saying how beautiful and calm the water was. Some even saying how “glass-like” it was.

If you happened to miss out on hitting the beach, or Crab Island, have no fear (FOMO). The aerial photographers over at Birds i View have you covered.

Birds i View is known for their amazing drone videos of the Emerald Coast and the footage they captured at Crab Island and the Jetties does not disappoint.

If you aren’t a local…jealous much? 😜

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!