Walton County Sheriff releases video of Confederate Flag protest to “quell rumors” and misinformation

On Monday afternoon, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office published a video obtained from a citizen who attended the protests held at the Walton County Courthouse Sunday in DeFuniak Springs.

The reason for publishing the video was to “quell rumors in the community and misinformation in the news”, according to the WCSO.

The video above shows a protester, in favor of moving the Confederate monument from the courthouse, walking up the steps to the flag adjacent to the monument.

“At no time did the protester put hands on the flag, the flag pole, or anyone”, according to the WCSO.

A second protester, in favor of moving the monument, ran up behind him in order to lead him away. A counter-protester walked up to the second man to try to prevent him from reaching the monument and as the two men were walking backward, away from the flag, a woman was accidentally knocked over.

It was previously reported that a man “tried to rush the Confederate flag and a woman stepped in his way to defend it.”

After the incident occurred, deputies made sure no one was seriously injured and the agency is continuing to engage all parties involved.

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