Walton County unanimously approves lifting of short-term rental ban

During the Emergency Meeting held on Tuesday, May 19th, the Walton County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to lift the short-term rental ban immediately under the guidelines approved by Governor DeSantis.

Even though Governor DeSantis did approve of Walton County reopening vacation rentals today, it still needed to pass the board.

The Short-term Rental Requirements can be seen here

Per the governor’s executive order, reservations for dates within the next 45 days may not be accepted for renters coming from COVID-19 high-risk areas LA, CT, NY or NJ.

“Guests occupying those vacation rentals must adhere to the quarantine restrictions or be subject to established criminal and civil penalties,” Walton County wrote. “For the safety of all residents and visitors, we will encourage our tourism partners not to rent to guests from high-risk areas.”

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