Welcome to Destin, Florida

4 important beach safety tips from the City of Destin

Welcome to Destin, Florida
Welcome to Destin, Florida

On Friday, Mayor Gary Jarvis and Deputy City Manager Webb Warren hit the beach in Destin to offer up some important beach safety tips as the area kicks-off a busy Memorial Day Weekend.

Standing near a lifeguard towner, Warren described the challenges that Destin Beach Safety goes through while trying to protect beachgoers.

1. Make a safety corridor

“One of the challenges that they see on a daily basis, especially during the busiest days of the summer, is actually being able to navigate up and down the beaches,” said Warren. “They’re responding to the numerous phone calls and the numerous life safety issues that come in. So we ask beachgoers to always please keep a safety corridor so that they can get up and down the beach and get to these folks that are in distress so that they can respond as quickly as possible.”

Mayor Jarvis echoed that sentiment.

“If you see one of the four wheelers or just one of the lifeguards carrying a board, running in a hurry, it usually means they’re responding to an emergency. So keep your head on a swivel, step aside, and give them plenty of room to do their job because it maybe you the next time that these their services.”

2. Know where beach safety is located

Mayor Jarvis also added that while it is important to be cognizant of the beach safety teams, it is also important to know where they’re located just in case you need them.

3. Know where you are

“Wherever you go, whether it’s a park or a beach trail, know the name of that park or beach trail,” said Webb Warren.

“If you do call 911, say that park’s name or that beach trail’s name so they can respond as quickly as possible.”

4. Take a picture of your child

And finally, take a picture of your child with your cell phone before heading to the beach.

“This photo will assist public safety personnel find your child should you become separated from them,” said Catherine Card, Public Information Manager for City of Destin.

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