5th graders from Edwins Elementary School tour of Fort Walton Machining

Back in January, Fort Walton Machining kicked-off their new partnership with Edwins Elementary School by designing and creating a sign for the new entryway. 

  • Fort Walton Machining assembles and manufactures custom-designed, precision machined parts.

According to the Okaloosa County School District, Fort Walton Machining is currently involved in the District’s Middle and High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. This is the first Elementary program they are involved in with the Okaloosa County School District.

The program began in February with 5th graders, providing hands-on experience in activities related to machining, such as 3D printing, to help spark inspiration and grow passions in the industry. This is the first of its kind in the Okaloosa County School District.  

Last Friday, 5th graders from Edwins Elementary School got the VIP tour of Fort Walton Machining. During their tour, students learned the difference between a milling machine and a lathe. They also got to see Fort Walton Machining’s new multi-million dollar Mazak CNC machine. 

  • Students asked thought provoking questions and learned a great deal about the manufacturing processes, according to the school district.

“Creating the supply to fill the need is important,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Jeff Palmer. “One of the goals of our CTE programs is to meet the need of local employers by giving students the skills they need to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation with industry certifications allowing them to apply for and fill positions above entry-level. We look forward to seeing great things come from this partnership!”

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!