Bit-Wizards’ co-parenting app now serves over 550,000 families worldwide

Now that the team at Bit-Wizards has moved into their new location, the company has more room for their SaaS (software as a service) application called TalkingParents.

TalkingParents is a leading co-parenting application supporting separated/divorced parents worldwide. The communications platform was founded by resident Stephen Nixon while running his criminal defense and family law practice, and has been court-approved since 2010.

“I created TalkingParents as a solution for my own clients when I was practicing family law in Florida,” said Nixon. “Almost every case I dealt with involved poor communication between co-parents and a lack of reliable records.”

In 2010, Nixon decided to take matters into his own hands. With the help of a friend with some web development experience, was born. 

Nixon bootstrapped the original web application that went from a prototype to a working model. After gaining 1,000 customers and proving there was a market for the application, Stephen realized he needed to scale the business and the technology. That’s when he approached Bit-Wizards.

  • Together they formed a new company, Monitored Communications, LLC., and re-engineered TalkingParents from the ground up to scale nationally and internationally. 

“I love having TalkingParents to offer as a solution to clients who have difficulties communicating with their co-parent,” said Kelly A. Simon, Esq. “TalkingParents allows each parent to ensure the other is notified of appointments (using the calendar), timesharing exchange details, and to share general information about their children. It works to hold parents accountable without fear of altercations due to their communications.

  • A new feature released in 2021 includes Video Calling, giving their 550,000 users the ability to make recorded audio and video calls.

“If you think about it, there’s somewhere between 50-70 million co-parenting relationships around the county,” said Vince Mayfield, CEO Bit-Wizards. “We have barely tapped into that and with the growth that we’ve been experiencing, I think this has the ability to go public as a publicly traded company.”

Looking ahead: Bit-Wizards and TalkingParents teams look to add 10+ employees following their relocation to a new headquarters building in the Fort Walton Beach Commerce & Technology Park.  

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!