Chick-Fil-A in FWB Sets Out To Make Your Experience Even Better!

On Sunday evening around 7:40pm, the Chick-Fil-A in Fort Walton Beach took to their Facebook page to announce that they have plans to make our experience even better from the moment we walk in.

But how? How can a place that is filled with employees who seem genuinely happy to take our orders, and refill our drinks, and stand outside swiping cards, and constantly say…”My pleasure!” make our experience any better?

Well, by organizing their “mosh pit” of an ordering line inside.

You know what I’m referring to. That moment when you are ready to order only to start looking around and guess at who’s actually waiting in line. The pleasurable person behind the counter calls out, “I can help the next person in line!”…and you look around like:


Well, not anymore!

The CFA Crew worked all weekend to install this new system that will better organize the flow in each guest’s ordering experience. This includes new queue lines, two separate condiment areas, as well as two new high divider walls for extra privacy as you eat.

It’s no wonder that Chick-Fil-A is a fav among many! So, who wants to go to CFA today!?!?!

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