Country Music Singer, Jessie James Decker, to Open Store in Grand Boulevard

Kittenish - Grand Boulevard

Country music star, Jessie James Decker recently announced she would be opening a second “Kittenish” store in Florida. After an Instagram post of her signing a lease, we now know the store will be located at Grand Boulevard in Sandestin!

In between raising her three kids, being a wife to former NFL wide reciever, Eric Decker, recording music, and prepping for tour, Decker opened her first brick and mortar location of Kittenish in Nashville this February. Since then, she decided to expand and we have the opportunity to be the lucky customers of the second Kittenish location!

“I have a beach home there so it’s just a great way for me to keep an eye on it because I’ll be there and I’m very, very hands-on with my brand,” Decker told Page Six Style. “I know every single detail of what’s going on. Probably too much! But I just love it so much and I think that’s what makes it Kittenish. It’s got my touch all over it and I like to make it as true to me as possible because my fans are smart and they know.”

According to the interview with Page Six Style, we know that there will be plenty of cheetah print, but this fall, she says to be on the lookout for purple!

Lately Jessie’s been experimenting with her style, wearing shorts, booties, tassels, and sequins on stage. These things are different from her typical “mom sweatpants” as she puts it. At Kittenish you can expect to find chic clothing, but pieces that are practical!

As for why she started Kittenish, here is what Jessie wrote on the Kittenish website.

“I knew at a very young age that I wanted to have a clothing line and boutique. It’s been my life long dream to sing, perform and bring women together. At an early age in school, I would drift off and daydream writing songs and sketching outfits. I could envision myself wearing the outfits when I performed at the Opry or walked the red carpet at the Country Music Awards. Expression through fashion is fun and exciting and I want to share that with other women. Sometimes if we feel confident and beautiful on the outside, it helps our inner beauty shine through. Kittenish isn’t just a look, it’s a feeling. Our door is open, so y’all come on in!”

Jessie James Decker

Who is excited about shopping at Kittenish?

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