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LiveOak Fiber ribbon cutting ceremony marks the launch of new high-speed network in Okaloosa

LiveOak Fiber, a regional broadband service provider, has announced that they will be conducting a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Okaloosa County. The ceremony is set to celebrate the launch of their […]

Source: LiveOak Fiber

LiveOak Fiber, a regional broadband service provider, has announced that they will be conducting a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Okaloosa County. The ceremony is set to celebrate the launch of their new high-speed fiber optic network, which aims to bring “superior internet capabilities” to underserved markets. 

In July 2022LiveOak Fiber announced that the newly formed company is investing $100 million to construct and operate a next-generation high-speed fiber optic network in Okaloosa County. 

  • The new network will bring alternative options to underserved regions of the county, ensuring access to affordable and reliable digital infrastructure for businesses and residents in the area.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on February 16, 2023, at 2pm, at the company’s office located at 1501 Merchants Way, Niceville, FL, 32578. 

“LiveOak Fiber wants to put the power back in the hands of the residents and local businesses, allowing them to fully understand the services they are receiving and being able to tailor their services to their liking through our upcoming user-friendly application,” says Kimber McCafferty, Director of Marketing at LiveOak Fiber. “The Internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in the digital world, today, and people in these communities have been waiting a very long time for uninterrupted connectivity.” 

The company began its initial phase in November of 2022 by breaking ground in Shalimar, Florida. LiveOak Fiber’s new high-speed internet service aims to keep up with a device-packed life to the region with pristine customer service. 

Residents and business owners can visit the LiveOak website to check the availability of their neighborhoods. Interested individuals can learn more about LiveOak Fiber’s services, network construction plans, and employment opportunities by visiting their website.

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  1. It’s about time Cox Cable had some competition. Hopefully this will allow users to have alternatives to Cox at a lower price and unreliable T-Mobile 5G Internet which was fantastice when it worked.

    1. Yep! Gail, their internet packages began at $55 for 500 Mbps both upload and download speeds, with no “internet throttling” (once you download a certain amount of data, the speeds slow down drastically.), and no contract. Cox Cable’s 500 Mbps package starts at $79.00 but only provides 500 Mbps as a download speed with the upload speed being much slower. And once you have download a certain amount of data, they will staart limiting the amount of data that you can use. It’s about time there was some competition for Cox Cable.

      1. We’re “grandfathered” in our Cox plan: 300 mbps download & 30 mbps upload. Noticed that now all of their plans (including Giga) only has 10 mbps

  2. Thank goodness someone is here to give Cox Communications a run for their money. I have already signed up for mine and can’t wait.

  3. BluBroadband is a local company that has providing high speed internet service in downtown Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa County for several years now.

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