July is National Anti-Boredom Month and here’s how to observe it with your kids

Did you know that July is National Anti Boredom Month? In the late 1980’s a man named Alan Caruba created National Anti Boredom Month. With July being the middle of summer, he chose this month as most kids are out of school and might be reaching some level of boredom. He contributed many of society’s problems to boredom and this was one of the ways he set out to fix it! Here’s how you can observe National Anti-Boredom Month with your kids.


Volunteering is a wonderful way for you and your child to contribute to your community. Not only have studies shown that volunteering can improve your health, studies also show that those who volunteer regularly have a 27% better chance of employment! Not to mention, volunteering could expose your children to more people, thus reducing their boredom! If you don’t know where to volunteer, we’ve got you covered with 5 Volunteer Opportunities on the Emerald Coast.

😎Get Outside

One of the best ways to beat boredom is to get outdoors. It could be something as simple as turning the sprinklers on and running through the back yard, going to the beach, or taking the opportunity to try something new. Check out our list of Outdoor Activities in Northwest Florida.

🎥Catch an Outdoor Family Movie Night

There are plenty of wonderful things to do during the day, but what about in the evening? Round up the whole family and catch one of these outdoor family movie nights!

🏃‍♂️Move Your Body

Being active is so important to our physical health, but moving our bodies releases endorphins which help us be happier. Moving your body could be something simple like walking on the beach or jumping rope, but for the adults and older kids, consider trying one of these ways to work out that don’t suck. If one of those options don’t stick out to you, we have a whole guide of yoga studios to try!

🎨Learn Something New

Continuous learning is a critical part of being a human being. Learning helps nourish our minds and luckily there are infinite ways to learn! Here are a few suggestions for new things to try on the Emerald Coast.

If all else fails, plan a weekend trip to the farmer’s market, grab a sweet treat, go to the library, or do something that’s completely free! Use your imagination and remember that many times, it’s the most simple things that create the sweetest memories.

We hope that you and your kids will beat the boredom and find something magical to do in this area we are so lucky to live in.

What are your go-to summer boredom busters?

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