A Ton Of Sharks Swimming Outside Destin’s East Pass


Sharks are nothing new along the Emerald Coast. In just the last few months we’ve had 2 brothers help save a Hammerhead and watched people completely lose it when a shark decided to visit Crab Island.

Growing up in Fort Walton and spending a good amount of time around the water, I’ve seen my fair share of sharks. But no matter how many times you see a shark, nothing beats seeing a ton of sharks from a different perspective.

The aerial photography company Birds i View, the ones responsible for most of the kickass drone footage along the Emerald Coast, recently took their Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter fishing.

Just outside the Destin East Pass the drone caught on camera a shiver of sharks. 🌊

This is why I always take the Drone Fishing.
Shark gathering/feeding outside the Destin Pass. Click HD for better views.
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Posted by Birds i View on Sunday, September 20, 2015

As usual, people freaked out a declared that they would never go back into the water again. 😑

Every time a shark is spotted there seems to be these comments about never going back into the water as if they never knew sharks were in the water.

Stop going to the beach!

This is the perfect example of why we were saying we didn’t want to parasail!

I guess the one about not parasailing kinda has a point…

For those needing some final advice for getting in the water with the “scary sharks”, just listen to Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate from Tennessee


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