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GoVetted provides caring ride sharing to the Florida Panhandle

There’s a new ridesharing company on the rise and it was founded here in Santa Rosa Beach! GoVetted is upping the ridesharing game with their slogan, “Caring Ridesharing.” Creative Marketing […]

There’s a new ridesharing company on the rise and it was founded here in Santa Rosa Beach! GoVetted is upping the ridesharing game with their slogan, “Caring Ridesharing.” Creative Marketing Director, Nicole Thompson gave us the scoop on GoVetted and here’s what we found out!

What is GoVetted?

GoVetted is a safe and local rideshare option combining the convenience of a rideshare app with the quality of a professional driving service. The GoVetted app provides the ability to pre-schedule rides, choose drivers, and get on-demand service from their vetted drivers. From 4-door sedans and luxury SUVs to stretch limos and coach buses, you can use the app to choose a vehicle for every need.

GoVetted drivers must be vetted by meeting a detailed 20-point checklist including, but not limited to local, state, and federal background checks, sex offender registry checks, and initial/annual drug screenings; as well as rigorous training in customer service, defensive driving, CPR and First Aid.

About the Founder

As a successful transportation business owner for over 16 years, the CEO and Founder of GoVetted, John Finch, decided to positively transform the rideshare industry with his daughters in mind. With his oldest daughter going away to college and an uptick in violent crimes committed by other rideshare company drivers, he wanted a safer rideshare/ridehail option for women and children.

What area is GoVetted serving?

Founded in Santa Rosa Beach, GoVetted currently serves the Florida Panhandle featuring 30A, Destin, Panama City Beach, Pensacola, Santa Rosa Beach, and South Walton. Future locations are in the works for Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Tampa.

“This is a good testing ground for our technology. With three airports, a nice mix of locals and tourists, plus the opportunity to provide non-emergency medical transportation to area hospitals and medical offices, we are uniquely qualified to change the perception of ridesharing by offering fully vetted, background screened, and drug tested drivers.”

GoVetted CEO/Founder, John Finch

How to become a rider

The GoVetted app is available for download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just download the app, create your profile, and go, Go, GOVetted!

How to become a driver

GoVetted is currently recruiting drivers to a higher standard. Qualified drivers earn a higher commission on base fares, are rewarded with performance bonuses, and get paid weekly. Driving for GoVetted could supplement your income while driving full or part-time. This is the perfect opportunity for single moms/dads, veterans, and retirees! Drivers can apply at

“We provide our drivers with the opportunity to create a sustainable business for themselves. The two largest rideshare companies have made it clear, they are not transportation companies. They are strictly tech. Where does it say you can’t be both?”

GoVetted CEO/Founder, John Finch

You can learn more and follow along with GoVetted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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