ADULT TEE BALL: Fort Walton Beach Police to host ‘First Responders vs. Community’ game with an 80s theme

The Fort Walton Beach Police Department will host its 2022 National Night Out on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at Chester Pruitt Park, 8 Harbeson Ave, Fort Walton Beach. 

  • National Night Out is essentially a crime-prevention block party, where residents are encouraged to come out of their homes and interact with law enforcement to build a relationship of trust and understanding.  
  • It is a free event.

Master Police Officer Traci Randolph has been with the Fort Walton Beach Police Department for 24 years and, minus a COVID cancellation, this event has occurred every year.  

“Last year we did a carnival theme with carnival-related vendors, refreshments, and several nonprofits promoting their businesses. This year will be an 80s theme,” said Randolph. “There will be a red carpet, and anyone who comes dressed in an 80s theme or as their favorite celebrity will get to walk the red carpet with introductions made by hosts Quanda and Shane Pace.”

Last year the event featured a First Responders vs. the Community kickball game, and the Community team won.  This year the game will be adult Tee-ball, First Responders vs the Community.  

  • The community team is still being formed. Anyone who wants to participate can contact Officer Randolph at

“The key component to this event is bridging the gap and building a partnership between police departments and communities, so our citizens aren’t fearful or afraid to engage with us,” says Officer Randolph. “FWB Police Chief Robert Bage is a very strong proponent for community engagement.“

Booths will be set up to educate residents about home security and crime prevention.  The city library will have a display of what services they have available, many of which are heavily underutilized.  

“It’s a wealth of information,” explains Officer Randolph. “Any customer-service-related business can set up a booth for advertising purposes.” Businesses who want to have a booth may contact Officer Randolph.

“It’s just a way to positively have fun together,” added Randolph. “We’re wanting to engage in a fun, family environment so come out on October 4th, 2022, from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at Chester Pruitt Park.”

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