Example of a "beach walkers" trash basket program

“Beach basket” program for trash pick-up coming to two Destin beaches

Example of a "beach walkers" trash basket program

On June 17th, Trees on the Coast Director, Bobby Wagner, was tagged on a Facebook post regarding starting a “beach walkers” program in Destin.

This program involves having grocery baskets at the main entrance of a beach access, where beach walkers can grab a basket and help pick-up trash as they walk along the beach. It’s being discussed in Fort Meyers Beach, FL too.

4 days later, Wagner spoke before the Destin City Council to help make this idea a reality.

“I had several different people from different posts tag me about this,” said Wagner to Get The Coast. “It is just a great idea and I thought it was an easy win with Trees on the Coast.”

The Council agreed to allow Wagner to do a pilot program at two beach access locations:

  • The Shore at Crystal Beach
  • June White Decker Park

“We’re trying to install them in the next two to four weeks,” said Wagner. “From there, we’re going to test it out for a month. If we think it works, and it’s not a logistical nightmare, we’re going to install them at every single beach access location within the City of Destin.”

Example of a “beach walkers” trash basket program

The “beach basket” program won’t cost the City of Destin any money as Wagner has already found sponsorships for the first two locations.

“The plan right now is to take what the City has already done at the Adopt-A-Street level and we’re looking for any organization, person or family that wants to adopt a location,” explained Wagner. 

Sponsorship: Each location will run $500 for the year, and will come with an emblem of your choice on the sign. 

As for the baskets, Wagner is planning on launching with 10 at each location but understands that some might go “missing.”

“Of course over time, things are going to get damaged and one or two might get stolen,” he continued. “We’re just going to encourage people to think of the positive and not the negative side of this. This is an easy one for the community to allow good people to do good things.”

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