BOTE is giving away a URAL motorcycle + a Blackout paddleboard

The BOTE brand has exploded out of Destin into an international brand, making paddleboards, accessories and even branching into the world of coolers with their KULA line.

But just when you thought you had seen it all, the company bought a URAL Tourist Motorcycle and decked it out with a custom rack to carry your BOTE paddleboard.

“Motorcycles have always been a passion of mine”, said BOTE CEO Corey Cooper. “I starting trail riding as a teenager and spent countless hours in my garage turning nuts and bolts and rebuilding engines without any real guide for what I was doing. I just loved it. This fascination with motorcycles and mechanics in general permeated my soul. Ultimately it led me to pursue my degree in mechanical engineering.”


“Close to a year ago it all took shape when we had the idea to build a motorcycle to carry a board. Coupled with its badass looks and one of a kind sidecar, The URAL Tourist would be the perfect platform.”

Corey Cooper, CEO – BOTE

A Frankenstien made of resin and steel, paddle and pistons.

Now, BOTE is giving it all away. Simply head to and enter your email address to register for your chance to win this one-of-a-kind Ural Tourist Motorcycle, decked out with a custom rack, and the accompanying Blackout HD paddleboard.