City of Niceville to develop a public park in the Rocky Bayou Estates area

The City of Niceville wants to turn a 3.60 acres parcel of land that the county owns in the Rocky Bayou Estates area into a public park. At this morning’s Okaloosa Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, the City of Niceville requested the transfer of the park property.

The property in question is located at the intersection of Forest Road and Rocky Bayou Drive, directly across from the Ruckel Airport.

Backstory: Okaloosa County obtained the parcel by plat dedication and was originally going to be developed into a park. The development of the park never happened and it has remained vacant.

The board voted unanimously to deed the land back over to the City of Niceville for the development of a public park.

However, in the event the parcel of land is not used for park purposes, all rights, title and interest in the parcel of land will revert back to Okaloosa County.

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