City of Crestview

Crestview community gears up for 3rd Annual ‘Keep Crestview Beautiful’ initiative

City of Crestview

The City of Crestview has announced the launch of its 3rd annual Keep Crestview Beautiful clean-up initiative, which will take place from April 12 to April 26.

  • According to the city, it will provide manned dumpsters throughout the city for citizens to use free of charge. There will also be volunteer opportunities for community members to join the clean-up effort.

“The response from our community in previous years has been amazing,” said Mayor JB Whitten. “It speaks to our citizens’ love for our city, and we know we will have an even greater response this year.”

Over the past two years, Crestview has collected hundreds of tons of roadside debris, mattresses, tires, and old appliances. They have also had close to 500 hours of volunteer labor and participated in Habitat for Humanity builds and cemetery clean-ups.

  • City staff and volunteers have helped dozens of elderly and disabled citizens catch up on property maintenance. All this work has been done to keep Crestview beautiful says the city.
City of Crestview

“Reducing blight is an important step in crime reduction,” said Police Chief Stephen McCosker. “When criminals see that our community is cared for, they know that our citizens will not tolerate crime or the perception of crime.”

The city has designated three locations where the dumpsters will be placed. These locations include:

  • Old Spanish Trail Park on Stillwell Blvd
  • Allen Park at 895 McClelland St.
  • Wildhorse Dr. between 114 and 122 Wildhorse.

Employees will be stationed at these locations from 9 am to 7 pm daily.

City of Crestview

This year, the city is being more selective about what items people can bring to the dumpsites. Mattresses, tires, general household items, small appliances, and electronics are the items that will be accepted. However, hazardous materials such as paint, fluorescent lighting, chemicals, car batteries, construction debris, or yard waste will not be accepted.

The city reminds citizens that large appliance disposal, furniture disposal, and yard waste pickup are part of the weekly garbage service provided by Waste Pro. For more information on the refuse service, citizens can visit the city’s website or call 850.682.1560.

If citizens need to dispose of hazardous waste such as paint, chemicals, or car batteries, they can do so at Okaloosa County’s drop-off site located at 1759 S. Ferdon Blvd. For more information, citizens can visit or call 850.301.2013.

For those interested in volunteering or if they know of individuals who could use assistance, they are encouraged to contact the Crestview Police Department at 850.682.3544 ext. 7.

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