Left: Troy Young and Building Trades Teacher, Danny Meinecke (OCSD)

Crestview High School student receives scholarship at International Builders Show in Las Vegas

Left: Troy Young and Building Trades Teacher, Danny Meinecke (OCSD)

Crestview High School senior, Troy Young, was honored with the prestigious Robert and Amy Harper Scholarship at the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 31 – February 2. 

  • The scholarship, which is awarded to one high school student with a passion for a trade career, is a testament to Young’s dedication to the building program at Crestview High School.

Out of 72 schools across the state of Florida and over 300 nationwide, Young was recognized for his exceptional achievements in the building program. He has earned a total of six certifications in construction and HVAC and serves as the lead project manager and designer for the Capstone class project.

Young was accompanied by Danny Meinecke, Crestview High School’s Building Trades Teacher, and David Welch, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Specialist, to the event. The trip, which was fully covered by the scholarship, allowed Young and his guest to attend the IBS, as well as cover all flight and hotel expenses. 

  • The trip was not only a celebration of Young’s accomplishments but also provided an opportunity for Meinecke and Welch to network with industry members and learn about the importance of building trades and learning a skill in the current job market.

Superintendent Marcus Chambers expressed his pride in Young’s achievements, saying, “I am extremely proud of Troy and his accomplishments in our Building Trades class at Crestview High School.”

“Our CTE programs are designed to create a pipeline for students to learn skills in elementary, middle, and high school and continue to college, the military, or the workforce with valuable skills that help put them ahead of their peers,” added Chambers. “Mr. Meinecke does a great job ensuring that his students are equipped for the future, no matter which path they choose to pursue when they leave his classroom.”

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