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Fort Walton Beach High School students win national video competition

Three students from Fort Walton Beach High School (FWBHS) have won the 2024 Teen PSA Contest Technical Category with their video “Poison.” “This award is my first bit of recognition, and […]

Three students from Fort Walton Beach High School (FWBHS) have won the 2024 Teen PSA Contest Technical Category with their video “Poison.”

  • Maverick Hendley, Michael Dixon, and Kiera Stover created the winning submission, which will be entered into the After-School Film Institute’s Film Festival in Miami in January 2025.

“This award is my first bit of recognition, and the experience I learned from making this video and being in this contest was my first step to true acknowledgment and experience in this industry,” said Hendley. “I wish now to learn more and get better.”

FWBHS Digital Video Instructor Ivan McMillin expressed his pride in the students’ achievement, stating, “Winning the National TEEN PSA Technical Video Award is a testament to the impact of our school’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. It not only showcases our student’s talent and commitment to film but also reflects the high standards and effectiveness of our CTE program.”

The KinderVision Foundation, a 501c-3 nonprofit organization established in 1991, sponsors the Teen PSA Program: Peer-to-Peer Prevention Education, which aims to empower children and teens through peer-to-peer education to prevent victimization.

Superintendent Marcus Chambers commended the students, their instructor, and the school community.

  • “This achievement is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the students, their instructor, and the entire school community,” he said. “It’s a moment of pride for FWBHS and a reminder of the importance of nurturing young talent and providing them with avenues to excel.”

FWBHS has submitted entries for this competition since 2013 and has won State awards twice, but “Poison” is the first National award the school has received. The 2024 competition marks the first year the Technical Category has been included.

For more information about the Teen PSA program and to view the video “Poison,” visit

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