FWC re-establishes ‘minimum wake zone’ near Brooks Bridge

For over a year, Okaloosa’s Coastal Resource team has been working with FWC to update the Brooks Bridge Boating Safety Zone.  

  • The updates include re-establishing the eastern extent of the Boating Safety Zone past Marler Park along with making the signs on the western side more visible. 

According to the Coastal Resource Team, this expanded area is actually the original area marked for slow speed/minimum wake. At some point many years ago, the signs disappeared.

  • This week, FWC completed the install of the new signage.

The Coastal Resource Team maintains a geo-referenced database of the permitted Boating Safety Zones throughout the County, and will be updating the GIS applications once they have the official coordinates from FWC’s Boating and Waterways. 

According to the county, the old pilings still remain in front of The Gulf Restaurant, but the [old] “resume normal speed” side was replaced with a [new] “slow speed” sign. 

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Thousands of locals read our newsletter every morning!