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Local teacher offers personalized tutoring and ACT test prep services in Niceville

Rebecca Beard, a K-12 licensed teacher in Special Education and Science, returned to her hometown of Niceville in 2023, and has been providing personalized tutoring and test preparation services for […]

Source: Niceville Tutoring

Rebecca Beard, a K-12 licensed teacher in Special Education and Science, returned to her hometown of Niceville in 2023, and has been providing personalized tutoring and test preparation services for students in the community, with a focus on upcoming ACT prep classes.

  • Rebecca, who holds a degree in Science Education with a minor in Psychology, has extensive experience teaching in middle and high school classrooms, working in a nationally recognized tutoring center, and providing private tutoring throughout her career. 

“I am really passionate about helping children grow and rise to their fullest potential,” Rebecca said. “I developed a fondness for the one-on-one interaction of tutoring and wanted to continue teaching with a focus on one-on-one tutoring.”

Rebecca offers both online and in-person tutoring services, using Google Meet for online sessions and the Niceville Library for in-person tutoring. She collaborates with the library staff and plans to continue hosting events with them in the future.

In addition to her regular tutoring services, Rebecca is offering ACT prep classes for students preparing for the upcoming ACT exam on April 13th. The classes will be held at the Community Life Center at Crosspoint (Niceville) on April 2nd, 4th, and 9th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. 

  • Each session costs $50, and there will be a one-time fee for materials, which students can keep for future studying and reference. Snacks will be provided during the sessions.

“I offer private tutoring and test prep classes that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student and maximize their investment,” Rebecca explained. 

  • For elementary school children, she conducts two 30-minute sessions per week, covering homework, intervention on tough topics, and building math skills. 
  • For older students, she offers 55-minute sessions to help them stay focused and on task while addressing their weak spots.

Rebecca also provides guidance on IEP and 504 plans and integrates executive functioning skills with coursework assistance. As someone who struggled with testing herself, she offers a unique perspective in her test prep classes, providing students with tools, tips, and tricks for success while acknowledging the frustration of needing to work hard.

Parents have praised Rebecca’s tutoring services, with one parent sharing, “Rebecca has been tutoring my daughter in 4th grade math for a few months now. Her grade has gone up from a D to a B since starting with Rebecca. She enjoys their time together as it is always a pleasant experience for her!”

  • Another parent commented on Rebecca’s test prep help, saying, “Rebecca was wonderful in helping my daughter prepare for the ACT. Other review courses and study methods hadn’t impacted her score much. Rebecca’s one-on-one tailored help was just what was needed, and she was a pleasure to work with. We saw a 5 point improvement in her score! I highly recommend Rebecca for her test prep help!”

Rebecca’s top three studying tips for students preparing for the ACT or SAT include taking a timed practice test a few weeks to a month before the actual test, using Khan Academy SAT math to brush up on math skills, and reviewing sections in a study book where scores are low and practicing more questions related to those topics.

To sign up for classes, parents can visit Rebecca’s website or email her directly to coordinate details and timings. Rates vary depending on the type of class and materials needed, with regular classes costing $50 per session and homework support ranging from $35 to $50 per session. 

  • Families with the Step Up Scholarship can submit for reimbursement as Rebecca is licensed in Florida.

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