Panhandle film company to shoot television pilot at SweetWater Brewery in Atlanta, Ga.

Panhandle based film production company, Lensea Film, has announced that they’ve received funding and met all approval requirements to shoot a pilot episode of a show called “Micro Bros” at SweetWater Brewery in Atlanta, Ga.  

“Micro Bros” is a show that will feature locals Jared Michael Cramblet and Jarrod Michael Moxley as they discover authentic stories through visits to breweries while exploring the culture surrounding.  “Think Bourdain meets beer,” said Cramblet.  “Not that we’d ever be bold enough to compare ourselves and sense of storytelling to that of Bourdain, but we hope to bring some of those same feelings of adventure and curiosity to the show.” 

If Cramblet’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s been in the local music scene for quite a while and also hosts the Whatever It Means To You Podcast with Shayne Denton. Both Cramblet and Moxley have held the show concept close for nearly a decade, but it didn’t become a reality until Cramblet started working closely with Destyn Patera and his team with Lensea Film. 

“I first met Destyn on set for a music video.  I soon learned he was doing outstanding work with the likes of Bubba Watson, Oakley and one of my favorite bands, “The Revivalists,” said Cramblet.  “He and I began to work closely with each other on a more frequent basis and I eventually shared the idea for ‘Micro Bros’ with him.”

Upon sharing the idea with the Lensea Film crew, enthusiasm quickly followed, allowing the team to raise $45k to fund the production of the pilot episode and catch the attention of SweetWater Brewery, giving the team full access to film on location at the brewery.  “We quickly caught the attention of some really great partners, and are beyond excited to see our vision come full-circle,” said director Destyn Patera.  “With production fully funded, we can properly execute our vision for the show.” 

Although the budget for production is fully funded, the team will be launching a small crowdfunding campaign to aid with the costs of post-production, film festival entries, and general marketing costs upon completion. 

“We will be shooting the pilot in November, with hopes to have a final product prepared for interested networks and streaming services in February 2020,” said Cramblet.  “We’ve worked really hard to put together some packages for our backers that include a five-course beer dinner, a multi-brewery day tour, and some items like shirts, pint glasses and other swag.  We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on!”

The Kickstarter campaign will run the entire month of September and can be viewed here:

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