OCSO Deputy surprised the 7 year-old-boy birthday boy who dreams of law enforcement

On Thursday afternoon, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office shared this heartwarming letter that was sent to the department regarding Deputy Loafman and a birthday boy named Liam.

“My grandson Liam had a birthday party at Surge. He turned 7 today. He has always wanted to be a policeman. My dad was NYPD for 20 years so maybe he wants to follow in his great grandpa’s footsteps.”

“Deputy Loafman went above and beyond. “

“Liam was speechless and if you knew him you would know that’s unheard of. Liam was so excited he came just to see him. He lost everything to Hurricane Michael and had to leave PC for Niceville because mom was stationed at Tyndall, now at Eglin. It has been a rough year emotionally for his family.”

👏Well done Deputy Loafman!

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